2 for $22 and More!

We’ve been busy here at the Happy Six boutique in Los Angeles, so much so that our online store has been lagging behind a bit. Don’t fret though, because surely enough we’re adding more exciting new items to our online store all the time. The newest brand to join our online store is Leg Avenue, which if you haven’t heard of them before, has an absolutely enormous collection of cute and sexy outfits, costumes, and accessories.  We’re sure you’ve seen their stuff before, since they’re a staple of every successful costume party. To start off with, you can find a small collection of Leg Avenue items here. Our Los Angeles boutique just got in a ton of new stuff, and we’ll be adding them online over the next few weeks. By the time Halloween comes around, you can expect our Leg Avenue collection to be huge!

We’ve also added some Hello Kitty accessories from Loungefly specifically for our new 2 for $22 deal. This is a smokin’ great deal – choose any 2 items from our 2 for $22 category, and the total is only $22. Even better, any additional item you choose from the deal costs only $11 more. That means you can get 3 items for $33, 4 items for $44, etc. All you have to do is make sure that you choose all the items you want in a single purchase.

There’s a huge selection of 2 for $22 items, but most of them can only be found at our Los Angeles boutique for now. We have countless Mighty Fine shirts, Angry Little Girls tote bags, and various Hello Kitty wallets and accessories eligible for this deal. We’re constantly adding new 2 for $22 stuff to our boutique, and one of these days we hope to find some time to add them to our online store too. One of these days we’ll get to it, we promise!

Another exciting thing to keep your eyes open for are the new tokidoki bags for this autumn. Summer is quickly winding down, so these hot new bags should be arriving very soon. We can’t wait!

Let’s Celebrate the 4th of July!

It’s almost the 4th of July, and we’re gearing up to celebrate like most everyone in the U.S. will: surrounded by our close friends and family in appreciation of our Declaration of Independence. This is the day our country came to be, and that’s just awesome!

Naturally our store will be celebrating like most businesses do here, but we hope that the true meaning of Independence Day isn’t lost as we’re offering a little extra something at our online store. With that said, we know that some of you have been watching and waiting for a deal to show up so that you can pick up your favorite Hello Kitty or Tokidoki accessory. You know that we don’t carry many pieces of most things, so you’re probably getting nervous that we’ll run out of stock before you can cash in on a sale. Well wait and worry no more, because here it is:

Up to and including the 4th of July 2012, get 10% off your entire order by using the promo code “4JULY2012“!

This code can’t be combined with any other promotions, but it’s still possible to get free shipping within the U.S. for all eligible items AND get 10% off by using the code above. (And most items at our store ARE eligible.) So go ahead and splurge a little. Maybe it’s a good time to get that So So Happy hoodie you were looking at, or perhaps you want to get some Dr. Seuss baby clothes for a special someone. You can find a lot of cool stuff at Happy Six, and right now the deal is about as good as it gets.

We’ve been getting in a steady stream of new Loungefly merchandise, including some incredibly sexy and cute Hello Kitty leopard print items, some new Hello Kitty backpacks, and lots of iPhone, iPad, and Mackbook covers for the Apple fans out there. Make sure you browse around at our entire selection, because there’s a perfect match for you waiting to be found.

As a final note, please celebrate safely and responsibly. Happy 4th of July!

Hello Kitty Tote Bags Done 10 Different Ways

A girl can never have too many Hello Kitty tote bags, we say. And here’s proof!

Ten completely different and adorable Hello Kitty tote bags. All are made by Loungefly, and all have very cool features that make each one unique.

This Donut Tote Bag is sweet and sugary but with zero calories! On the front are appliques with different materials and textures, including matte and shiny metallic faux leather. Sprinkles are scattered everywhere, and someone has taken a bite out of a donut with its own pink bow.

Shiny, cozy, comfy, and soft, it’s like carrying your favorite blankie with you! Puffy quilted bows cover the entire bag, and on the front is a faux leather applique of Hello Kitty holding onto a huge shiny bow. This tote has a zippered closure and stitched straps. (UPDATE: We just sold the last one as we were writing this! But there are still many more cute styles to choose from….)

Like a blast from the past, but not too far past. The appliques on this denim tote bag alternate between glitter and shiny squares, and of course Hello Kitty has to wear her cool fuchsia faded shades. On the side is a zippered pouch with a tri-color glittery lightning bolt zipper pull.

This is one very complex and detailed bag – that’s for sure. The large Hello Kitty applique is embroidered throughout, and has different surface textures. The beaded necklaces are printed with both matte and puffy textured ink, and all of the appliques including the heart appliques are outlined with shiny embroidery thread. Lining the edges of the bag is shiny red piping, and the tote bag itself is made of dark grey striped canvas.

Be prepared to have your heart stolen by this adorable criminal. Hello Kitty is wearing a fabric cap and shiny face mask, with embroidered stripes and whiskers. Surrounding her is a pile of heart appliques in a variety of different textures. In the background are black, sparkly sequin stripes. On the side is a large zippered pouch, and the stitched faux leather straps have “Love Bandit – Thief of Hearts” printed on them.

If you love soft fuzzy felt, you’ll love this bag! There are felt appliques everywhere on this canvas tote, along with contrast stitching, embroidery and just the right number of buttons. The straps are faux leather, the main compartment has a magnetic snap closure, and the inside features a cute printed blue lining and a zippered pocket.

This next Loungefly tote bag is another favorite at our boutique. In the background is a print of some composition lines that reminds us of being in first grade again, along with “Hello Kitty Loves Mustaches.” Hello Kitty herself is composed of multiple textures of faux leather, canvas, and corduroy appliques all brought together with shiny black embroidery. The pièce de résistance is Hello Kitty’s brown plush mustache with stitching. There’s another thick plush mustache on the side, and this time it’s used as a zipper pull for the side pocket. The straps are corduroy and printed canvas, and the main compartment uses a magnetic snap button closure.

Lots and lots of apples surround Hello Kitty’s cute face. She has her signature yellow nose and red bow, and all the details are embroidered onto appliques. The back of the bag is constructed of a soft faux leather fabric that is covered in a red apple print, along with a puffy patch that says “Hello Kitty – HK – Sweet & Cute.” Details such as dark denim trim, contrast red stitching, printed “I (apple) Hello Kitty” straps, interior apple print lining, faux leather leaf zipper pull, and a large side pocket all make this bag one of the best apple-themed Hello Kitty bags we’ve ever seen – and we’ve seen a lot of them!

This one reminds us of Super Mario Bros. There are lots of shiny, sparkly details here – from the sequin and foil mushrooms to Hello Kitty’s blue outfit to the red and silver stripes in the background. The “Hello Kitty” applique is sewn on top of a subtle black polka-dotted background. The wide, durable straps are made of faux leather. And there’s even a sequin mushroom on the back of the bag with a shiny blue bow. Super kawaii!

Not to be confused with our Hello Kitty “City” Bag, this Hello Kitty “Kitty City” Tote Bag features a row of adorable mini house appliques with bows (even the tree has a bow!) and a large Hello Kitty towering above it all. The main compartment has a zippered closure, and there are fabric bows at the base of the straps. On the back is an all-over print of the cute little houses, along with Hello Kitty, apples, trees, bows, and flowers. Adorable!

There you have it, 10 incredibly cute Hello Kitty tote bags to choose from. At the time of this writing, we have at least 1 of each bag (though in many cases not more than 1), so be sure to check out our Hello Kitty Bags & Wallets area to see what’s in stock and to find other amazing designs.

Have a Happy Day!

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Covers

Here are some of the Hello Kitty iPhone covers that we carry. All are made by Loungefly and are compatible with the iPhone 4.

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cases

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cases

From left to right:

There are cutouts in all the right places for the buttons, camera, and cable connectors.

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cases

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cases