2 for $22 and More!

We’ve been busy here at the Happy Six boutique in Los Angeles, so much so that our online store has been lagging behind a bit. Don’t fret though, because surely enough we’re adding more exciting new items to our online store all the time. The newest brand to join our online store is Leg Avenue, which if you haven’t heard of them before, has an absolutely enormous collection of cute and sexy outfits, costumes, and accessories.  We’re sure you’ve seen their stuff before, since they’re a staple of every successful costume party. To start off with, you can find a small collection of Leg Avenue items here. Our Los Angeles boutique just got in a ton of new stuff, and we’ll be adding them online over the next few weeks. By the time Halloween comes around, you can expect our Leg Avenue collection to be huge!

We’ve also added some Hello Kitty accessories from Loungefly specifically for our new 2 for $22 deal. This is a smokin’ great deal – choose any 2 items from our 2 for $22 category, and the total is only $22. Even better, any additional item you choose from the deal costs only $11 more. That means you can get 3 items for $33, 4 items for $44, etc. All you have to do is make sure that you choose all the items you want in a single purchase.

There’s a huge selection of 2 for $22 items, but most of them can only be found at our Los Angeles boutique for now. We have countless Mighty Fine shirts, Angry Little Girls tote bags, and various Hello Kitty wallets and accessories eligible for this deal. We’re constantly adding new 2 for $22 stuff to our boutique, and one of these days we hope to find some time to add them to our online store too. One of these days we’ll get to it, we promise!

Another exciting thing to keep your eyes open for are the new tokidoki bags for this autumn. Summer is quickly winding down, so these hot new bags should be arriving very soon. We can’t wait!

The Latest Additions (July Edition)

Here are the latest additions to Happy Six:

Leggings: We’ve recently added a new category for some very fun leggings we’re now carrying. They come in many different styles and add a nice touch to any party outfit. Even better, they come at good prices and with free shipping within the U.S. too! Make sure you check out our new leggings here.

On the Mimobot front, we also got some new designer flash drive styles, such as a Princess Leia disguised as a warrior and some popular Tokidoki characters. At the same time, we’ve also restocked on many of our best sellers online. We have an entire category dedicated just for cool Mimobot flash drives.

Always a staple at Happy Six, we’ve restocked in many of the Loungefly Hello Kitty items, including the ever so popular embossed handbags and satchels. While you’re browsing around at our Hello Kitty bags, make sure you also check out our Hello Kitty wallets and backpacks. Love it or hate it, school is just around the corner for many of us so it’s never too early to start preparing! At least with a Hello Kitty backpack, this kind of back-to-school preparation is fun to do. 🙂

Here’s another fun item for back-to-school: a Hello Kitty leopard print Macbook case. It fits 13″ Macbook and Macbook Pro models, and is ultra plush on the inside. The leopard print on the outside has more than just leopard spots on it: it has a metalic shine throughout, plus there are cute Hello Kitty faces scattered around and inside the spots!

Even though school is right around the corner, summer is still here for now and baking many of us in the summer heat. We don’t sell air conditioners, so you’ll just have to be cool in other ways, like with some cool Tarina Tarantino jewelry featuring Hello Kitty. We have quite a few styles in stock right now, but don’t wait too long because this super cute Hello Kitty collection will sell out!

Also coming very soon is a huge restock of our So So Happy monster hoodies. Keep your eyes open because the shipment will come any day now! And yes, we know it sounds crazy to wear hoodies in the middle of the summer, but think about these lazy summer evenings with friends in front of a campfire or at the beach. A cozy hoodie is perfect to keep you warm on these cool evenings outside. Plus, if you’re dressed as a cartoon monster, no one will question your sanity and sense of judgment anyway. 😉

Let’s Celebrate the 4th of July!

It’s almost the 4th of July, and we’re gearing up to celebrate like most everyone in the U.S. will: surrounded by our close friends and family in appreciation of our Declaration of Independence. This is the day our country came to be, and that’s just awesome!

Naturally our store will be celebrating like most businesses do here, but we hope that the true meaning of Independence Day isn’t lost as we’re offering a little extra something at our online store. With that said, we know that some of you have been watching and waiting for a deal to show up so that you can pick up your favorite Hello Kitty or Tokidoki accessory. You know that we don’t carry many pieces of most things, so you’re probably getting nervous that we’ll run out of stock before you can cash in on a sale. Well wait and worry no more, because here it is:

Up to and including the 4th of July 2012, get 10% off your entire order by using the promo code “4JULY2012“!

This code can’t be combined with any other promotions, but it’s still possible to get free shipping within the U.S. for all eligible items AND get 10% off by using the code above. (And most items at our store ARE eligible.) So go ahead and splurge a little. Maybe it’s a good time to get that So So Happy hoodie you were looking at, or perhaps you want to get some Dr. Seuss baby clothes for a special someone. You can find a lot of cool stuff at Happy Six, and right now the deal is about as good as it gets.

We’ve been getting in a steady stream of new Loungefly merchandise, including some incredibly sexy and cute Hello Kitty leopard print items, some new Hello Kitty backpacks, and lots of iPhone, iPad, and Mackbook covers for the Apple fans out there. Make sure you browse around at our entire selection, because there’s a perfect match for you waiting to be found.

As a final note, please celebrate safely and responsibly. Happy 4th of July!

Gifts for Grads

I was one of those rebels who never even went to my own graduation. If it wasn’t for the fact that my diploma eventually came in the mail, I may not ever know if I officially graduated.

Kids, don’t do like me. You know why? Because I never got graduation presents.

If you want graduation presents, you need to show up to your own graduation. And then you might get some cool presents like these…

One of my personal favorite presents is any kind of stuffed animal plush. These are great for little kids graduating from pre-school on up to big kids finally graduating from a 10-year college program. (Hey, I know people like that.) The one shown here is called “Lucky,” which is something we all want to be.

If you’d rather wear your present, then a fun monster hoodie by So So Happy is what you want. With ears, horns, spikes, scales and bright happy colors, there’s no way you can be sad and depressed over school ending, boo hoo.

Happy Hoodie Friends takes that fun monster theme and kicks it up a few notches with their collection of furry monster hats. Offered in lime green, orange, pink, red, and turquoise in addition to the purple one shown here, these furry creatures can also be used as a scarf or as a simple costume when the dress code calls for monsters only.

Now that you’re graduating, you might want the next level up in Hello Kitty bags. From the Patent and Embossed Faux Leather Hello Kitty bag and wallet collection, these pieces are still cute and fun without screaming “Hello Kitty” in your face.

For those who do want to scream “Hello Kitty,” we’ve got something for you too. There’s the Angry Hello Kitty collection of tote bags, wallets, and other cool accessories that have a punk rocker edge to them. Angry, badass, but still Hello Kitty cute.

Now what would a gift list be these days without a vampire reference? Here it is, the anti-vampire and pro-garlic wallet from Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee. There are many other hilarious and possibly offensive (but strangely therapeutic) bags, wallets, and tshirts from Angry Little Girls that make great gifts and can bring laughter to the angriest of girls.

How about something sweet, cute, bright and colorful that’s perfect for the summer? So So Happy has a new line of tshirts that are irresistibly adorable. Every single tee in this collection will make you smile. From the makers of the monster hoodies with the spikes on the back – So So Happy will make you so so happy! 🙂

If you have an iPhone or are getting one for graduation, you need to keep that thing clothed. We don’t want any naked iPhones running around, so slap on one of our super cute iPhone covers. Or get a bunch of them and change them out to match your outfit! (Yes, girls do this.)

Same goes for your laptop. Protect it and dress it up in something cute and happy like this Hello Kitty Nerds Macbook case. Fits the 13″ Macbook and Macbook Pro laptops. Many other designs available. With a soft plush interior and a snug fit, these cases offer protection without sacrificing style.

For those brainy grads, we offer a very cool gift item that is both fun and useful – Mimobot USB flash drives. Just like with our fun iPhone covers and laptop covers, your flash drive is another tech device that doesn’t have to be plain and boring. The Einstein Mimobot shown here has an extra little surprise when you lift the cap off…Einstein is sticking his tongue out at you.

You’ve probably got plenty of school bags by the time graduation comes around, so how about some fun everyday bags? Tookata People offers a wide array of bag styles in beautiful prints like the Geisha Lime print which features a cartoon geisha with a cartoon rabbit. The soft straps on the crossbody style are adjustable, easily converting it to a shoulder bag if you prefer. Handbags, makeup bags, and wallets are also available.

Tokidoki bags have made great graduation gifts year after year. Popular amongst both kids and adults, these bags have become somewhat of a collector’s item. Many people have more than one and add to their collection as new designs are released. The tokidoki Ramblers Small Messenger Bag is a great starter bag for a first-time tokidoki bag-owner, and it’s also a great style if you want a hands-free crossbody bag.

And here’s something for the guys! Tokidoki and Marvel team up for a super awesome superhero line of tees featuring Marvel characters designed by tokidoki’s Simone Legno. Cartoony, fun, and cool, these men’s tees can also be worn by women. (I personally like raiding my guy’s closet and wearing one of his tokidoki tees baggy over leggings.)

If you need any more gift ideas for that special grad – yourself, haha – just visit our online store. And pick up some graduation gifts for other people too, while you’re at it. 🙂

Congrats, and wishing you all the best and brightest future!!

Sophie Snow

Wallets Galore!

This is the super mega blog post about wallets… We’re going to share with you 16 amazing wallet designs, and there are many more at our online store!

Fans of Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee will recognize the first two wallets. Throwing political-correctness to the wind, Lela says what many people will laugh at and some will be offended by, but most of us can relate to in some way.

The irony behind the Angry Little Girls designs is that all of Lela’s characters would look so sweet and innocent if you didn’t look at any of the captions. But there they are, as angry as ever, along with a bad word or two for good measure. And now you can carry some of the Angry Little Girls comics in a wallet, tote bag, or tshirt form.

Naturally there are censored versions of many of the Angry Little Girls designs (for those times you don’t want to offend others), but there are also uncensored versions where you can bask in all the glory of a few swear words.

Moving on to something a little more subtle yet just as cute, the next two wallets are made by Loungefly and feature an embossed pattern of Hello Kitty and bows on faux patent leather. These Hello Kitty embossed wallets are available in the two sizes shown and come in many happy colors such as yellow, light pink, fuchsia, teal, brown, ivory, and black.

Both sizes feature zippered closures and multiple well-organized compartments for your essentials. Along with matching Hello Kitty patent embossed handbags (described here), you can mix and match colors for the perfect set.

The larger patent wallet (shown above) also has a flap behind the magnetic snap button that holds multiple credit cards, cash, ID, and other flat items. The large zippered compartment can hold larger items and also includes an inner zippered coin pouch.

If you’re in the mood for something cute but not as shiny, Loungefly makes a beautiful matte faux leather Hello Kitty wallet:

Unlike the shiny patent embossed wallets, this one comes in a tri-fold design with magnetic snap button closure. The interior comes with the requisite compartments for credit cards, ID, and cash, as well as a zippered pocket for coins and other loose items. Just like the patent embossed wallet and bag collection, this matte embossed wallet can be combined with a matching Hello Kitty faux leather satchel in black or grape/purple.

For the Peanuts fans out there, Loungefly also makes an adorable Snoopy and Woodstock wallet.

Unlike most dog-bird relationships, Snoopy and Woodstock share a love that isn’t related to one becoming a meal. The photos don’t do these wallets justice, because the amount of details that go into each wallet are just amazing. For example, this Snoopy wallet features hearts printed in red glitter, while Snoopy and Woodstock are made of soft, puffy appliques.

These two Geisha wallets are truly hidden gems waiting to be discovered. As described in an earlier blog post, we’re now carrying Tookata People bags and wallets. Tookata People has many different lines for all occasions, and we’re barely scratching the surface with what we’re carrying now. This is one name to be looking out for!

With all the compartments and zippered pouches you’d expect from a nice wallet, there’s no need to sacrifice utility for beauty here. In coated canvas, these beautiful designs are  stain-resistant and retain their vivid colors. More gorgeous wallet and bag designs from Tookata People soon to come!

From Donut Pond, Keroppi Hasunoue is a cute frog who loves to sing and swim. We don’t know who’s the cuter frog: Keroppi or Kermit. We’ll let Miss Piggy decide. This is yet another wallet by Loungefly (they’re on a roll!), and it’s just as functional as it is adorable. Keroppi is embroidered with faux leather appliques, shiny red blushing cheeks and a shiny red striped outfit.

This tokidoki Ramblers wallet has been selling so fast that it’s on the verge of becoming history. We wrote about the tokidoki Ramblers collection here, and it’s worth sharing again simply because these Ramblers wallets and bags are one of the best collections to come from tokidoki. Even the box that the wallet comes in is super cool (shown in the photo above), and we love the tokidoki heart & crossbones zipper pull.

Now it’s time for a bunch of Hello Kitty wallets. One can never have TOO many Hello Kitty wallets! 🙂 All of these are from Loungefly, and each one is so different that it’s hard to choose favorites. As you’re browsing through all these Loungefly wallets, keep in mind that we also have matching Loungefly tote bags for almost all of them.

The Love Bandit wallet is ready to steal your heart! And from the looks of it, Hello Kitty has already heisted quite a few hearts already. This wallet has sparkly black sequin stripes and a bunch of faux leather heart appliques embroidered together.

The Hello Kitty Monsters wallet is sooo incredibly cute! In fact it’s hard not to say that for all the Hello Kitty wallets. In what is proving to be a winning combination, this Loungefly wallet also features multiple appliques that are embroidered together. And of course, the interior is just as well-designed with a multitude of pockets and slots and compartments.

We love the handmade, arts-and-crafts look of this wallet. With details like zig-zag stitching, real felt, and real buttons sewn on, the look is authentic. It’s like carrying a little Hello Kitty stitched doll with you, sewn on to your wallet – adorable! And the red cut-out heart appliques make it that much sweeter.

This is revenge of the nerds! Or rather, acceptance that it’s cool to be a nerd now. Hello Kitty’s face is embroidered on the shiny coated canvas exterior, along with black-rimmed glasses, making this the cutest nerd we’ve ever seen! 3D kitty ears stick out of the top edge while a plaid bow applique rounds out this tri-fold wallet.

Hello Kitty doesn’t always have to be sweet and cute. Hello Kitty can be done bad-ass punk rocker style! Tons of details go into this wallet – layers of appliques, contrast stitching, different textures, pyramid studs, and embroidery. With angry eyes and a skull bow, this kitty doesn’t want to be messed with.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, this wallet will surely keep the doctor away for months. It probably doesn’t work that way, but one can hope… Many of the apples are printed onto this canvas tri-fold wallet, and some are faux leather appliques surrounding a puffy applique Hello Kitty.

There are many more wallets and matching bags at our online store. All you have to do is drop by and check them out!

Hello Kitty Tote Bags Done 10 Different Ways

A girl can never have too many Hello Kitty tote bags, we say. And here’s proof!

Ten completely different and adorable Hello Kitty tote bags. All are made by Loungefly, and all have very cool features that make each one unique.

This Donut Tote Bag is sweet and sugary but with zero calories! On the front are appliques with different materials and textures, including matte and shiny metallic faux leather. Sprinkles are scattered everywhere, and someone has taken a bite out of a donut with its own pink bow.

Shiny, cozy, comfy, and soft, it’s like carrying your favorite blankie with you! Puffy quilted bows cover the entire bag, and on the front is a faux leather applique of Hello Kitty holding onto a huge shiny bow. This tote has a zippered closure and stitched straps. (UPDATE: We just sold the last one as we were writing this! But there are still many more cute styles to choose from….)

Like a blast from the past, but not too far past. The appliques on this denim tote bag alternate between glitter and shiny squares, and of course Hello Kitty has to wear her cool fuchsia faded shades. On the side is a zippered pouch with a tri-color glittery lightning bolt zipper pull.

This is one very complex and detailed bag – that’s for sure. The large Hello Kitty applique is embroidered throughout, and has different surface textures. The beaded necklaces are printed with both matte and puffy textured ink, and all of the appliques including the heart appliques are outlined with shiny embroidery thread. Lining the edges of the bag is shiny red piping, and the tote bag itself is made of dark grey striped canvas.

Be prepared to have your heart stolen by this adorable criminal. Hello Kitty is wearing a fabric cap and shiny face mask, with embroidered stripes and whiskers. Surrounding her is a pile of heart appliques in a variety of different textures. In the background are black, sparkly sequin stripes. On the side is a large zippered pouch, and the stitched faux leather straps have “Love Bandit – Thief of Hearts” printed on them.

If you love soft fuzzy felt, you’ll love this bag! There are felt appliques everywhere on this canvas tote, along with contrast stitching, embroidery and just the right number of buttons. The straps are faux leather, the main compartment has a magnetic snap closure, and the inside features a cute printed blue lining and a zippered pocket.

This next Loungefly tote bag is another favorite at our boutique. In the background is a print of some composition lines that reminds us of being in first grade again, along with “Hello Kitty Loves Mustaches.” Hello Kitty herself is composed of multiple textures of faux leather, canvas, and corduroy appliques all brought together with shiny black embroidery. The pièce de résistance is Hello Kitty’s brown plush mustache with stitching. There’s another thick plush mustache on the side, and this time it’s used as a zipper pull for the side pocket. The straps are corduroy and printed canvas, and the main compartment uses a magnetic snap button closure.

Lots and lots of apples surround Hello Kitty’s cute face. She has her signature yellow nose and red bow, and all the details are embroidered onto appliques. The back of the bag is constructed of a soft faux leather fabric that is covered in a red apple print, along with a puffy patch that says “Hello Kitty – HK – Sweet & Cute.” Details such as dark denim trim, contrast red stitching, printed “I (apple) Hello Kitty” straps, interior apple print lining, faux leather leaf zipper pull, and a large side pocket all make this bag one of the best apple-themed Hello Kitty bags we’ve ever seen – and we’ve seen a lot of them!

This one reminds us of Super Mario Bros. There are lots of shiny, sparkly details here – from the sequin and foil mushrooms to Hello Kitty’s blue outfit to the red and silver stripes in the background. The “Hello Kitty” applique is sewn on top of a subtle black polka-dotted background. The wide, durable straps are made of faux leather. And there’s even a sequin mushroom on the back of the bag with a shiny blue bow. Super kawaii!

Not to be confused with our Hello Kitty “City” Bag, this Hello Kitty “Kitty City” Tote Bag features a row of adorable mini house appliques with bows (even the tree has a bow!) and a large Hello Kitty towering above it all. The main compartment has a zippered closure, and there are fabric bows at the base of the straps. On the back is an all-over print of the cute little houses, along with Hello Kitty, apples, trees, bows, and flowers. Adorable!

There you have it, 10 incredibly cute Hello Kitty tote bags to choose from. At the time of this writing, we have at least 1 of each bag (though in many cases not more than 1), so be sure to check out our Hello Kitty Bags & Wallets area to see what’s in stock and to find other amazing designs.

Have a Happy Day!

Just Another Day at the Shelter

Volunteering at an animal shelter is such a bitter-sweet experience. On one hand you’re surrounded by all sorts of amazing and cute animals, and on the other hand you see how humans have caused so much hurt to such helpless and loving creatures.

First up are two wonderful chihuahuas, both at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter. Both are sad stories in serious need of fairytale endings.

Here is Tito, a resilient and shy little guy who just doesn’t know how to be defeated. Sometime in January 2012, someone found him laying lifeless in the middle of the street. Thinking that he got hit by a car, the good samaritan called up Animal Control. Tito was still alive – barely – so he was rushed straight to the hospital for emergency care. X-rays showed that Tito did not have any broken bones, yet he was almost dead. Some blood tests were done, and it was determined that Tito had been severely poisoned. The theory is that he wasn’t hit by a car, but instead ate some poison – either snail poison found in someone’s yard or from someone looking to hurt him. The poison took effect, and he collapsed in the middle of the road before being found.

In any case, the little guy was put on an IV drip for a month until his organs were able to repair themselves. I can’t imagine how expensive this would normally be (we’re talking thousands of dollars), but fortunately there are veterinary practices like Vet2uLA and Dr. Jones Animal Hospital that are kind enough to volunteer more than their fair share to help those in need.

A month later, and Tito rose from the ashes, full of life again. There are some minor bite marks on the top of his head (maybe some unrelated abuse he endured?) and he’s shy of strangers at first, but once he understands that you’re not out to hurt him he turns into a happy playful guy. Tito’s favorite thing to do is jump on your lap and lick your face until you can’t stand it anymore. After he gets to know you for a few minutes, he shows absolutely no sign of emotional trauma or distress. He’s just… Happy.

Next is Randy, who endured a similarly horrible event before coming to us. We found him with a twisted jaw, a patch of skin missing on his muzzle, and a bloody wound on his chin. His fur was really frazzled and dry (probably indicating malnourishment), and one of his nails had been ripped almost completely off.

We suspected that his jaw might be broken, so we rushed him to the hospital. X-rays showed that his jaw was still intact, but something (maybe a bite from a larger dog or a car accident) had punctured his jaw and ripped many of his teeth out of place. His injured teeth were removed and the wounds were stitched up, and now he’s on the road to recovery.

Randy’s mouth still looks a little crooked, but at least he’s able to eat normally. He forever has that sad look on his face, at least until he’s safely in your arms. Randy is very sweet and gentle, and would make the perfect companion for someone looking for a calm and loving dog.

Sad stories aside, the shelter also got some incredibly cute new additions.  There’s this little hamster, a friendly little critter with huge round ears. When I say “huge”, I mean ears the size of your thumb nails!

We be rollin'

We be rollin'

A homeless person turned the littly hammy in, saying that he found the critter somewhere. I have no idea how these things happen!

I'm on a pirate ship out at sea!

I'm on a pirate ship out at sea!

Though it’s hard to see in the photos, this hamster has unusually large ears, similar to a Dumbo Rat’s ears. This makes for one very rare hamster.

Look at my new set of wheels!

Look at my new set of wheels!

The shelter also got a litter of very young kittens:

Guess which one is the rebel in the family?

Guess which one is the rebel in the family?

They’re around 5 weeks old, and are waaay too young to be without their mother. But, sometimes you just have to make do with the cards you’re dealt with.

Sooooo CUTE!

Sooooo CUTE!

At this point they spend most of their time sleeping together or eating. In a week or two they’ll grow enough to start playing like the kittens everyone thinks of. We’ll eventually vaccinate them, and if all goes well in a month or 2 they’ll be adopted.

One of the kittens has a unique heart-shaped spot on the side, and I think this kitty will be adopted fast. Everybody wants a kitten with a heart-shaped spot! Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the spot, but maybe I’ll get one next week when I return to the shelter again.

I'm a lion, watch me rawr!

I'm a lion, watch me roar!

We at Happy Six support volunteer work such as animal care and food drives for the needy. If you find a cause you truly believe in, we encourage you to jump in and make a difference!

Update on 4/24/12: The little hamster was adopted! Yay!


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