Tarina Tarantino Jewelry

Here are some tidbits you may not know about the Tarina Tarantino collections:

  1. They only use genuine Swarovski crystals – no imitations – for the most brilliant and colorful sparkles.
  2. The color of each piece is named after the color of the Swarovski crystals.
  3. Their jewelry is handmade in the USA, much of it in Los Angeles.
  4. Everything is produced in limited quantities as they’re being ordered – no mass-produced anything!
  5. Tarina Tarantino offers many, many different designs from earrings to purses to crystal-studded tiaras spanning a wide range of price points.
Tarina Tarantino Heart Pendant Necklaces

Tarina Tarantino Heart Pendant Necklaces

Some of Tarina’s jewelry lines also feature licensed themes such as Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz.