2 for $22 and More!

We’ve been busy here at the Happy Six boutique in Los Angeles, so much so that our online store has been lagging behind a bit. Don’t fret though, because surely enough we’re adding more exciting new items to our online store all the time. The newest brand to join our online store is Leg Avenue, which if you haven’t heard of them before, has an absolutely enormous collection of cute and sexy outfits, costumes, and accessories.  We’re sure you’ve seen their stuff before, since they’re a staple of every successful costume party. To start off with, you can find a small collection of Leg Avenue items here. Our Los Angeles boutique just got in a ton of new stuff, and we’ll be adding them online over the next few weeks. By the time Halloween comes around, you can expect our Leg Avenue collection to be huge!

We’ve also added some Hello Kitty accessories from Loungefly specifically for our new 2 for $22 deal. This is a smokin’ great deal – choose any 2 items from our 2 for $22 category, and the total is only $22. Even better, any additional item you choose from the deal costs only $11 more. That means you can get 3 items for $33, 4 items for $44, etc. All you have to do is make sure that you choose all the items you want in a single purchase.

There’s a huge selection of 2 for $22 items, but most of them can only be found at our Los Angeles boutique for now. We have countless Mighty Fine shirts, Angry Little Girls tote bags, and various Hello Kitty wallets and accessories eligible for this deal. We’re constantly adding new 2 for $22 stuff to our boutique, and one of these days we hope to find some time to add them to our online store too. One of these days we’ll get to it, we promise!

Another exciting thing to keep your eyes open for are the new tokidoki bags for this autumn. Summer is quickly winding down, so these hot new bags should be arriving very soon. We can’t wait!