How To Be A Monster (Or Just Look Like One)

First, you will need a disguise. This is assuming that you don’t already look like a monster. If you already do, then skip this step.

Otherwise, you will need to put on some combination of horns, monster ears, spikes, scales, claws, monster eyes, and some big sharp ferocious teeth.

One option is to put on a zip hoody by So So Happy. With fabric dinosaur spikes, printed scales, claws, and sharp teeth, you might even be able to scare your dog.

Another option is a fun Zoodorable hoody with embroidered monster teeth, eyes, and fabric monster “ears” sticking out of the hood. Even your own mother won’t recognize you. And if she does, that must mean she always thought you looked like a monster.

If that’s not enough of a disguise for you, you can transform into a bright furry monster in one of these Happy Hoodie Friends furry hats. The attached furry “arms” have little white claws on the ends and can double as a wrap-around scarf, complete with big sharp teeth.

And the last part of being a monster? Hold up your claws, bare your teeth, and say… RAWRRR!!!! Happy Monstering! 🙂

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