Tiny Adoptable Chihuahua

Update: Thanks to the enormously positive support from everyone, she was adopted on her first day available! I was concerned that she’d be stuck at the shelter for many months (like a few other poor animals there), but she’s now gone to a good home.

Preface: For those who aren’t familiar with Happy Six, we’re a small family-owned business, not a large faceless corporation. Coming from a family that was once homeless, we worked our way out along with the help of people with big hearts. In appreciation, we contribute back to society by donating to various charitable organizations and volunteering our services. We firmly believe that making a positive contribution to those in need is much more important than the almighty dollar.

She's tiny!

She's tiny!

This is one of the newcomers to the Santa Monica Animal Shelter, a teeny tiny 4 lb chihuahua. Though fully grown, she is still very young and agile. This dog is incredibly shy and scared, which is not surprising considering her small stature in such a big scary world.

At first, she's a frightened little pup

At first, she's a frightened little pup

When I first met her, she was huddled up in the corner of her kennel, shaking uncontrollably in fear and coldness. It took about an hour of sitting with her before I was able to gain her trust enough to be able to touch her – trying to do so without her trust would have ended with some fear-biting. A bite wouldn’t have been bad though, since my thumb would barely fit in her mouth.

She wants nothing more than to curl in your lap

She wants nothing more than to curl in your lap

After getting to know each other, she curled up in my lap and fell asleep. It seemed like it was the first time she was comfortable enough to sleep in ages.

In the YouTube videos below, I sat a short distance away from her while trying to coax her to come to my lap. She really really wanted to, but was too scared to venture out of her bed. Instead she relied on being as cute as possible to convince me to return to her. It worked.

A 4 lb sunbather...

A 4 lb sunbather...

After napping for a while we went out to the yard to play. We’ve only known each other for a few hours, so she’s still too shy to open up & play like a normal pup. Looking into her eyes, I know she has a playful side to her that’s just waiting to burst open. And when it does, it’ll be like a cuteness perfect storm. She did manage to use the bathroom in the yard (she was too scared to go in her kennel), and because her head is so large compared to the rest of her body she teetered forward onto her two front legs whenever she squat down to go potty (with her hind legs up in the air).

So comfy finally!

So comfy finally!

After roaming around in the yard, we sat on a very Forest Gump kind of bench and enjoyed the warm spring weather for a while. On my lap, she was finally comfy and content again. And just like that, I had to leave her behind at the shelter as I have 5 adopted dogs at home to care for.

This adorable dog is available for adoption at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter (in California) starting on 3/29/2012. There are also many other dogs, cats, and rabbits, big and small available for adoption immediately.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PFB
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 12:15:36

    Any idea how old it is? Is it safe to assume it has not been socialized or is there any reason to think it has?


    • Happysix.com
      Mar 29, 2012 @ 18:39:52

      She’s very young, but fully grown. Her teeth show some tartar, but the rest of her body & behavior points towards her being younger than her teeth suggest. My guess would be around 1 year old. It seems like she’s socialized to the point where she’s good with a single person she trusts, but she’s definitely not good with strangers or kids. It’ll take a bit of work for her to open up, but it’s well worth it!


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